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Live updates: Joe Biden CNN town hall

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden speaks at the CNN Presidential Town Hall in Scranton, Pennsylvania, on Thursday. Gabriella Demczuk for CNN

In one of his interviews with journalist Bob Woodward, President Donald Trump was asked if he believed he’d benefited from “White privilege.”

Trump said no – and mocked Woodward for even suggesting it.

Biden got the same question on Thursday night. His answer: Yes.

“Sure, I benefited just because I didn’t have to go through what my Black brothers and sisters have had to go through,” Biden said.

Biden didn’t go any further on the subject, though, again framing the choice between him and Trump as one centered fundamentally on class.

“Growing up here in Scranton, we’re used to guys to look down their nose at us,” Biden said. “We (are used) to people looking at us and thinking more suckers, look at us and think that we don’t, we’re not equivalent to them. If you didn’t have a college degree, you must be stupid.”

The former vice president, who served as a senator from Delaware for decades before that, noted news coverage that said he would be the first person without an Ivy League degree elected president. In fact, Biden and Harris are first Democratic ticket since 1984 with no Ivy League grad on it.

Biden attended the University of Delaware, before going on to the Syracuse University College of Law. Harris went to Howard University before returning out west to the University of California, Hastings College of the Law.

“We are as good as anybody else,” Biden said of himself and others from Scranton. “And guys like Trump, who inherit everything, and squandered what they inherited, are the people I’ve always had a problem with. Not the people who are busting their neck.” 

Watch the moment:

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